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We have been building the best Infrastructure

for more than 18 years

Since its foundation in 2000, Edemtec, S.A. Of C.V., an Ethuss Group company, has actively participated in the development of Transmission Lines, Electrical Substations and Energy Loss Reduction Projects for the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in Mexico and other clients in Mexico and Central America.

The corporate purpose of the company is to Design, Plan, Develop, Supervise, Build and Assemble all types of Engineering Projects in general and in particular Transmission and Transformation Projects of Electric Energy.

It has qualified personnel and specialized teams for the development of this type of projects and can develop, with the support of Ethuss Group companies, Infrastructure Projects in general, among which we mention the following: Industrial and Process Plants, Plants Of Generation, Lines for the Transport and Driving of Fluids and Storage Tanks.


To contribute to the modernization and growth of the electric transmission system of Latin America, meeting the needs of construction of new electric interconnection networks, providing its Customers with quality products and services, respectful of the environment, giving its employees a safe source of Professional development, guaranteeing to its shareholders a growing and sustainable profitability, and obtaining the recognition of the sector for the efficiency, seriousness, responsibility and honesty in the execution of the Projects.


To be a leading company within the Latin American market, in Services of Engineering, Construction and Assembly of Electrical Substations, Transmission Lines and Reduction of Energy Losses, maintaining a continuous growth with presence in new markets, and with the recognition of its Clients For providing services of excellent quality.


Our commitment to quality, the environment and the safety and health of our staff is not only a technical requirement; Is a whole philosophy of management that the organization perfects day by day. In order to comply with this commitment, we have implemented and maintained a comprehensive certified management system, which confirms the competitiveness of our products and services.

OUR quality


In EDEMTEC, SA de CV, we are strongly committed to Quality in order to meet or exceed the expectations of the Client in the execution of their Works in a timely manner, effectively applying the resources, which has led us to be a leading company In the market for engineering services, construction and assembly of Electrical Substations, Transmission Lines and Reduction of Energy Losses within the Electricity Sector.


Faced with the urgent global need to care for the Environment and Natural Resources, in EDEMTEC, S.A. de C. V. we are interested in achieving a solid environmental culture. For this, we are committed to protect the environment, generating sustainable strategies of Awareness, Prevention, Control and Mitigation of the environmental impacts, derived from our activities, products and services.


Fully complying with the applicable Legal Requirements and with the Subscribed by the organization, is a commitment more and a daily practice that assures us Continuous Improvement in all our processes.


In EDEMTEC, S.A. DE CV, we are also committed to achieving and demonstrating a high performance in Occupational Health and Safety, through the Prevention and Control of the Dangers and Risks of our personnel, our facilities, machinery and equipment used for the execution of the Projects.

OUR quality